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Food Truck Menu


Plantain Sandwich

Gourmet Kreyol.png

Your choice of griot (pork) or fried chicken between two
fried plantains. (Optional side of fries).

Fried Chicken w/ Fries

Gourmet Kreyol (11).png


Fried chicken infused with Haitian seasoning under a medley of onions and peppers, and a side of fries. 

Okap Bowl

Gourmet Kreyol (12).png


Spring mix w/ arugula, cherry tomatoes, celery, red onions, red peppers, shredded carrots and salad dressing.

Port au Prince Bowl

Gourmet Kreyol (1).png


Your choice of protein (chicken, legume, griot) smothered in a tomato gravy, infused with Haitian seasoning over rice.

Gourmet Kreyol (1).png
Gourmet Kreyol (3).png

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